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I am a bilingual Zoologist and wildlife filmmaker with a passion for storytelling and nature. I’ve always been fascinated and curious about the natural world around me since I was young and graduated with a degree in Zoology (1st class) from the University of Leeds. Also a recent MA Wildlife Filmmaking graduate in Bristol, (affiliated with the BBC NHU), I now work as a freelance camera assistant/operator, researcher and fully licensed CAA drone pilot. Most recently as a BBC researcher on Big Cats, Wild Cities, NHU Digital Researcher for projects alongside BBC Planet Earth 2 and Blue Planet 2, as well as Series Researcher on 4 episodes about Canadian wildlife for Channel 5.  I am trained in all areas of the film industry including story development, camerawork, research, producing, pitching, archive, sound, grading & editing. Now a Researcher at Silverback Films on a new 8K BBC Landmark series, and previously 'Our Planet'  and Halo in collaboration with WWF for Netflix.

I also produced two factual radio programmes, Weekly wildlife Watch and the Travel Talk Show on LSRfm, as well as a blog. I've been fortunate enough to conduct 10 months of research on bats, travel to staggeringly beautiful places, and learn how to cave and rock climb during my 3 years as an undergraduate. My short MA documentary film was BAFTA nominated, and included actress Virginia McKenna and the Born free foundation where I gained exclusive access to the largest ivory burn in Africa's history. I set out to film the human-lion conflict in Meru National Park with Will Travers as their story inspired me greatly as a child. I now work as a Panasonic Lumix and Atomos ambassador and create exclusive content for their channels in the UK and Europe, testing their latest equipment, giving talks, lectures as well as produce on remote/local shoots. Hope you feel inspired to tell your own stories and help conserve this beautiful planet of ours! 



A freelance photographer, I take a wide range of images including wildlife, landscapes, macro, travel, urban, events and sport. I specialize in nature photography and have developed a portfolio from my travels. I try to capture their essence as individual characters and love playing with shapes and composition. I am also a Panasonic/Lumix ambassador as well as for Atomos and give workshops and talk masterclasses alongside international shoot assignments.

I completed a Masters in Wildlife Filmmaking in Bristol, and now work as a Researcher, Camera assistant and CAA drone pilot.


This course enabled me to learn a range of skills vital to all aspects of the production, right through to when it is green lit and sold/commissioned worldwide. Affiliated with the BBC NHU, it had various seminars taught by current producers and camera operators, and so the course content is highly relevant and applicable to industry standards. 

A Lion's Tale - award winning short film. Image Robyn Giani.

The Born Free story began with lions, and now 50 years later, A Lion’s Tale looks at the legacy that actress turned conservationist Virginia McKenna has left and the conflicts that lions and all wildlife face in Kenya.

Set in the the original heartland of the true father of lions,we journey to Meru National Park to see the Born Free team and Kenya wildlife service rangers on the front line of conflict and education.The world’s largest ivory burn is about to take place, as a symbol of Kenya’s determination to help all wildlife and stop the illegal trade. Will the next generation take up the challenge?


                                                                                           Is there hope?


It was recently nominated for a student film BAFTA, with the ceremony being held in Los Angeles, and has won and been selected for several awards worldwide, as well as screened for educational purposes in schools. I've also given talks at Universities and done interviews about how and why the film was made - I feel it's important to share your passion for such projects to hopefully encourage others to tell their stories.

Here is my latest show reel, I'm currently about to update it once I return from several shoots, including aerials, timelapses and more high speed content! 

New cinematic 4K/HDR short film that I recently went out to Laos to film as my first Panasonic ambassador assignment - The Last Mahout. Visit Vimeo for more information.

I produced and present two award-winning weekly radio programs for LSRfm, Weekly Wildlife Watch in which I discussed the latest scientific news from around the world (including the latest discoveries), controversial environmental issue, review the latest wildlife TV documentaries and books as well as interview special guest with the latest being Simon Reeve, Doug Allan, Liz Bonnin, Dr Tim Cockerill, Dr Ross Piper and Dr George Mc Gavin.

The Travel Talk Show - A show all about adventure, culture, history, food, music, nature and of course - travel! The ultimate giving the best advice on how, where and when to travel with weekly themes and reviews on a whole variety of affordable and stunning travel destinations.


I studied BSc Zoology in 2012 in order to pursue my love of science and get into natural history production. In 2015 I was fortunate to get my first choice in my research project; investigating the Multiscale habitat suitability models in british bats from urban to rural areas. It involved looking at how bat activity and foraging distributions change from an urban to rural environment, (Leeds to the boundary of the Yorkshire Dales National Park). Across 30 transect study sites, I recorded bat acoustic activity, as well as the exact location of the tracks using GPS to be able to geo-reference where the bats were, along with the saved WAV recordings. I've also done research in South Africa and Spain.

Translating that passion for science into the wildlife film industry; I have had experience in research/location work at the BBC on Wild Cats, Digital researcher on Planet Earth 2, Blue Planet 2 and researcher on blue chip mini-landmark series; Wild Metropolis. Recently a Series Researcher for a blue-chip series on Canada for Channel 5 and now at Silverback Films working on an exciting new BBC landmark.




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