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Wildlife Film - personal projects


The Guardian's of Ikigai  - 2021 (Panasonic Lumix)

The Last Mahout - 2018 (Panasonic Lumix/WWF)

A Lion's Tale - 2016 (Born Free)

I also film alongside my main contract work on series, both on production in the field and  on my own projects for other organisations. I can operate 8K Helium/CN20 long lens set  ups, Sony F55s, Varicams, Phantom Flex's, FS7's, remotes, GH5s, and Inspire 2 +X7 drones.


I produced a short student film, A Lion's Tale as part of my MA Wildlife filmmaking course in conjunction with the BBC NHU in Bristol, about Virginia McKenna and the wildlife-human conflict between lions in Meru National Park, Kenya. Born Free is celebrating the Year of the Lion, and I gained special access to the major Ivory Burn event in Nairobi as well as Meru National Park to film the human-lion conflict. It tells the story from three different angles looking at the relationship between Virginia McKenna, a ranger, local kenyans and the last remaining lions in the original setting of the Born Free film. It has won several awards and been BAFTA nominated in the international student film awards. I love to use dynamic movement in my shooting style, and focus on building the character of each individual animal through intricate detail and visual storytelling; hoping to capture their essence and allow audiences to empathize with them.

Footage from the Ivory Burn

Trailer for A Lion's Tale

First Fin - wildlife documentary 2015

I did the camerawork for a new documentary about the whales and dolphins of Scotland's wild west coast and the extraordinary people working to protect them. Full HD. (Sony FS700, A7S, Mixer 522, Sennhieser MK16).

Eco Sapien is an educational project created to illustrate the importance of biodiversity. Our videos, graphics and articles offer a portal into the spectacular world of biodiversity, and its relevance to our everyday lives.  If we help you discover a new insight, we’ll consider our mission a success.


We’re all Homo sapiens – thinking men and women – but in a world that faces an uncertain future of habitat destruction, climate change, and ecological catastrophe, perhaps it’s time we became Eco sapiens.

I was part of a  team of Conservation Biologists, trying to highlight the interconnectedness and fundamental value of our natural world through an online YouTube Channel- Ecosapien.  Co founded by David Bodenham and Philip J.Taylor, I worked as a camerawoman and researcher, helping contribute to their brilliant organisation. Here are some of the shows I've recently contributed to. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to share my passion and help to educate those wanting to know more about wildlife, conservation and ecology.



Conservation Filmmaking


Deer are majestic, even cute. But as majestic and cute as they are, deer cause big problems to ecosystems and have a huge knock-on effect on a whole variety of other organisms. David finds out why and what can be done.

Imaginary wolves have been huffing and puffing through generations of folklore. Genuine wild wolves, on the other hand, have been absent from Britain for around 200 years. Is it time for them to come home? Phil braves attacks from rampant dogs on Ilkely Moor in an attempt to find out. Could be muddy…

Volunteers are the heart of British conservation. Many such volunteers give up their time to collect scientific information, such as the number of birds in a woodland, or sightings of invasive species. These endeavours are known as ‘citizen science’. Phil investigates the diversity of citizen science projects, examines their value, and how you can get involved.

As night descends, many species of nocturnal animal emerge. Bats are by far the most iconic and amazing. Join David as he explores amazing bat facts in this introduction to the group.


I also give talks and masterclasses as part of Panasonic and Lumix's brand ambassador scheme - my most recent was at NEC Birmingham about movement in wildlife filmmaking and production. Sennheiser and Atomos also had me speaking at their stalls and I'm currently getting invovled in guest lecturering at university adventure filmmaking courses and as part of Ibex Earth's ambassador scheme.

I was a presenter and writer for Eco Talks, part of a series of interviews with fascinating people from the world of conservation and wildlife/nature. I had the amazing opportunity to have an interview with Dr Chadden Hunter, wildlife biologist and a BBC producer and director of ground-breaking series such as Frozen Planet and several upcoming exciting new series by the BBC- to be revealed soon!  It was really enjoyable delving into the world of wildlife filmmaking with a true professional. Most recently you would have seen Chadden as the producer on Planet Earth II - at the time he was producing his Grasslands episode! 

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