As a Panasonic brand ambassador, I test their latest camera equipment, lenses, rigs - and aid the development of their products using my experience as an avid traveler and professional filmmaker to help improve and create products suitable for this environment through the creation of exclusive and personal content. It's really exciting to be involved with them and pitch my own ideas to produce wildlife short films - with several international shoots coming up on a wide range of different species.


I am also actively communicating and in cooperation with their broadcast division to test and use their latest professional and semi video camera range. Equally partnering with Atomos (Shotgun, Inferno, Ninja) to use in conjunction with the Panasonic consumer range and work/test 4K outputs.

I give talks every year at The Photography Show about how you can get into wildlife filmmaking as well as do masterclass sessions on Shooting for the edit, storytelling, Movement in wildlife film & Lumix on Location case studies : 

I also part time lecture at Nottingham and Wales University as well as talks at various events.

‘The Last Mahout' is a cinematic short film produced and shot by Panasonic ambassador and wildlife filmmaker Tania Esteban about Vee & Mae - two that share an unbreakable bond built on love and trust. Vee, an 80-year-old Mahout, has been with Mae Mahn since she was born over 27 years ago - and ONLY uses his VOICE to guide her. A non-riding, no chains, non-stick wielding way forward into the 21st century. Mahn is a matriarch Asian elephant in her prime, and so the MandaLao and WWF Laos team are looking at the incredible Nam Phouy national park as a potential release site to allow individuals like her to breed in the wild as well as rescue elephants. Mae is one of the lucky ones... join them for a day in the life of a modern Mahout. Find out more here.

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